Learning is eternal. And in the field of technology, we always need to be updated. Writing down some of the most amazing WOW's that I've experienced and appreciate in my day to day job as well as I see in my everyday life. My area of interest varies from technology, programming languages, Machine Learning, AI, Marketing, Advertising, Blogging etc.

29 March 2022
Udemy - Understanding TypeScript - 2022 Edition

TypeScript is robust, useful and a must for every front end engineer. I took the udemy course on "Understanding TypeScript - 2022 Edition" and it was insightful. I enjoyed learning about the best practices in the TypeScript world. Below are the notes from the video lectures from the course. All credit to the instrutor Maximilian Schwarzm├╝ller.

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02 February 2022
Front End Questions - Notes on various topics

I came across some UI Interview questions recently and it was time to brush up my knowledge. I spent around half hour every day and made notes on the various topics that I should at least have the basic understanding about as a Front End developer. Most of the notes are from Mozilla MDN and Stackoverflow.

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10 July 2021
Git - Getting branches in sync with all the commits

We do cherry picking all the time and I wanted to write it down here so that I can refer to it in future. Here is a post that explains how we get multiple branch in git to be in sync with each other.

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22 June 2020
React Fundamentals - Notes

Notes for React while learning about the library. I followed the codevolution React Js series. The tutorials are very informative as they teach us why we have to use certain concept and how to correctly implement them.

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18 June 2020
TypeScript 101

This post has my notes about TypeScript which I leaned by following tutorials on YouTube.

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06 May 2020
Function programming - my notes

The other while going through the freecodeCamp's learning series, I came across their JavaScript functional programming section. Below are my notes for future reference taken directly from the freeCodeCamp's lessons.

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25 February 2020
Flutter Challenge #004 - Remember me social App

Remember me social app design looked amazing. However it was confusing. After creating the flutter init project, I thought I would not do it. But then decided I should give it a try. This was a good learning experience for me. I learned about the controllers and pageview.

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17 February 2020
Executing two functions on windows.onload

Sometimes enhancing a decade old code is nerve wrecking. However the learnings are worth documenting. Recently, I had to enhance an existing project with a new feature. It was a popup window being called from an iframe which in turn called another iframe. That should be easy. The difficult part was to get it working on IE11. Pun intended.

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31 January 2020
Flutter Challenge #003 - Bike Rental App

The bike search app looked simple, and I was motivated to work on it because it had a carousal and a date picker feature which I wanted to learn. Flutter is everything widgets and it is easy to glue everything together to quickly get a beautiful app ready.

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29 January 2020
Flutter Challenge #002 - Mentors Social App

Another challenge that I pursued in Flutter was the Mentors Social App. I found the design on dribble and loved it. Flutter is everything widgets and this new design had several new widgets I could learn and implement. I was looking forward to getting the bottom Navigation bar functional.

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28 January 2020
Flutter Challenge #001 - Fruit APP

Recently, I have been reading and learning a lot of flutter and it was time I took up a challenge instead of following YouTube tutorials. Earlier I had religiously followed tutorials which really helped me get the required knowledge. Now it was time to shoot the get started bullet. I found this design on dribble, and immediately got into development.

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27 January 2020
Flutter - Creating a custom shaped floating button.

Recently, I came across a situation where I had to create a simple rectangular button floating on the screen. I had heard about the floating button widget and I thought it would be a good fit. However, the FloatingButton are always circular. So I had to google my way in creating a custom button suitable for my needs. I am posting the code here for my future reference and for anyone who might need to use such button

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07 October 2019
JSON - All I wanted to learn about JSON

We have been using JSON extensively in our projects, however it was time I revisit the roots and get to understand the nitty-gritty of JSON and also learn the correct terminologies related to JSON. As I read and learn more about JSON, I thought of posting my notes for quick reference.

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07 October 2019
First time attending a meetup - My Experience

A group of individuals with common interest plan to meet to share their knowledge and network. This is my definition of a Meetup. I have read several blogs about meetup's but never attended any. I did not plan anything nor did I know about this meetup until a day before. It was just on the spur of the moment. I am glad, I attended this meetup and hence sharing my experience through this blog post.

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24 July 2019
JavaScript - Push to Array key, value

I came across this simple yet interesting challenge where I had to push key and value to an array using the array push method. The method that I followed was to first create an object and then insert the key and value in the object. I then pushed the object in the array of choice.

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10 July 2019
How I wasted 2hrs debugging my own code

Writing code is fun, interesting and fulfilling. However, debugging is an equally important skill. Solving an issue sometimes may give you a taste of hell especially when you are not aware where to look for the root cause. At first, a defect may look simple, but figuring out what to debug and where to hunt demands for attention. Today was a fine morning, after sipping my coffee and afresh, I was sure I would destroy the task at hand point blank. Fate was not on my side and I hit a roadblock. I spent almost 2hrs trying to figure what could possibly go wrong, most of the time starring at the screen clueless. I needed a different perspective.

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13 March 2019
JavaScript Interview Questions : Let the fun continue

Going through some of the tricky yet interesting questions asked in Front-End interviews.

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12 March 2019
JavaScript Interview Questions : Challenging `this`

Attempting to solve and figure out solution to some of the tricky and very interesting questions asked in JavaScript interviews.

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11 March 2019
Shift Elements up or down

The problem to solve here is to shift or move certain consecutive items in an array up or down by one position. Based on user's selection we move items up/down based on feasibility.

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18 February 2019
Git - Pull Request a Cherry Pick to a different branch in same repository

Git makes life of developer super productive. If we have to maintain two branches and sometimes we need the same code from one branch to be put in another branch, cherry-pick is your goto command.

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