Byte sized artlicles to pen down my thoughts. Life lessons to amzing experiances, this category will contain all the thoughts put down in a systematic manner.

18 February 2022
Everyone should learn UX

With technology, digitization and access of internet, things are moving ahead at rapid pace. I feel that User experience (UX) is the most valuable skill that everyone should possess.

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31 December 2021
2021 - Year in review!!!

Another year 2021 gone by, time flies. We have been Working from home, and so there is a lot to talk about. With covid19 and now omicron, things will never be the same. Every individual's perspective has changed towards life. This is my attempt to reflect on the year 2021.

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15 December 2021
Effective communication

With WFH, the medium of professional communication has been limited to Microsoft teams, slack etc. We are constantly bombarded with messages and what follows is a lot of distractions. To get the most productive outcome out of my day, this is what I follow regularly when communicating.

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23 July 2021
Discovered Study Web

The search for "best" productivity methodologies is never ending. I always enjoy reading experiences shared online and also once in a while try to follow and practice them to achieve the same results as is proposed by the experts. This post is about the awesome world of study web. Even though I am not studying per se, but I apply it to my work hours. To say the least, I find it useful.

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01 January 2021
Ideating - Video maker

What if we could merge all your photos and videos for a given period into one video? Using a completely automated script. There are video editors like Adobe premier pro but sometimes you just want to merge all your photos/videos into one large video to be able to view after several years. This post is me ideating over a random thought but something that I would really want to use myself.

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31 December 2020
2020 - Year in review!!!

At the beginning of the year 2020, I had decided that I would spend at least couple of hours a week to write down one blog post. It never happened. I could not keep up to the simple challenge that I had set for myself. However, I wanted to take some time out of today to backtrack and write down 'what went well'/'what did not go well'.

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13 August 2020
Internet in 2005 - Time Travel

It is almost 15years since I begin my journey in the inter webs. It was not easy to get an internet connection and it was costly at the same time. However the fun discovering new things online was extravagant. I had tremendous fun and we never complained about slow speed of internet nor the 128MB of Ram. It was an era. I lived every second of it and through this post I wanted to recall and note down my learnings throughout that Journey.

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01 March 2020
February 2020 - Month in Review

It is amazing to see how days go by. It is already March 2020 and time to write the monthly standup kind of post. I was travelling for a week in the month of Febrauary and so I had little left for personal productivity.

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03 February 2020
January 2020 - Month in Review

I was travelling and listing to Ocdevel podcast on Machine learning on Spotify. Lately that has been my favorite show. Not related, but I had an epiphany (a moment of sudden and great realization) (True fact - A new jargon I wanted to fit in to any sentence I could) to start my own month in review. Lately all this blog post have helped me clear my thoughts.

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24 January 2020
What's in my Mind

You might be seeing many 2019 year in review and 2020 future plans posts floating around. I too am fond of such stories. They give you perspective and you might learn a thing or two. It is 2020 already, past mid January and all the hoopla of New Year Resolution has dissolved in thin air. It is back to work time. So what is in my mind?

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03 October 2019
The minimalist phone

Hi, My name is coddingbbq and I was a social-media-holic or a mobile-phone-holic. Whatever that means. Smartphone's and in turn social media plays a very important role in our life, without which we would be stranded. Right? To a certain extent it is the truth. We use social media because we want to be connected. But we forget the toll it takes on our life through its continuous usage. In this post, I go through my journey from a social media addict to being a social media ghost.

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07 August 2019
A night of coding - Developer chaos

First, a little background. I had an important feature delivery in the coming week but due to personal work, had to take two days off on a short notice. This meant, I had to complete my current development tasks. "No Problemo !", I thought. My inspiration for working overnight comes form the movie, "The Social Network". I have mentioned about how amazing the soundtrack of the movie is, umpteen times, here on this blog. This essay is my retrospection per se on working overnight.

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14 June 2019
Advice I would give myself If I were in College

In this competitive world, it gets real tough in the Software development industry. The number of Engineering colleges in our Country and the students passing out every year is enormous. Every company demands highly talented software engineers. In this essay, I try to answer the most asked question, "How to outperform, when in college?".

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03 June 2019
Things learned in 10 years of Experience as a Software Engineer

I enjoy reading HackerNews. I read about start-up's and I am a huge fan of programming languages. Read through my Experiences working in a Software industry. This post is my attempt to retrospect the 10yrs of seating in front of a PC.

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20 May 2019
Long Lost love for Cricket - The Game

Cricket was my favourite sport. Growing up, I would spend many hours on the playground playing with friends or practicing by myself. We would continue until dusk when it was just impossible for us to see the ball. I've had crazy childhood playing cricket. But now everything is changed.

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09 May 2019
Most preferred Online resources to keep me up to date

In this post I list down the most valuable resources that I visit almost regularly. Being in the technology domain, keeping myself up to date is need of the hour. Also, considering the ocean full of resources available, it is always overwhelming to choose the right knowledge repository and stick to it.

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30 April 2019
The perfect coffee

I am super addicted to Coffee. But, it is not the kind of coffee bean or the machine from which it is prepared, it is about how the coffee is prepared, who makes it and the time spent drinking it.

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18 February 2019
Why Jekyll!

Jekyll is fun. Amidst blogging, I also get to learn a lot of programming. CodingBBQ is my attempt to pen down my programming journey and what better platform than Jekyll.

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