Reading reduces stress. Be it a novel or a technical book, I always enjoy reading. This is my attempt to jot down some of the golden nuggets that I found thought-provoking for my own personal referrence.

21 March 2022
Maintainable JavaScript - Nicholas C. Zakas

One of the first JavaScript guru I encountered in my early days of the web development is Nicholas Zakas. YUI library by yahoo had great influence on web development and Jquery was just around the corner catching up on the fame. I recently discovered this book “Maintainable Javascript” through a post on JavaScript patterns and I knew that I had to read it. I have been following and implementing most of the advice from book already, but after having read this book it is quite clear as to why some things are the way they are. Sometimes a written document with clear and concise instructions puts things in perspective and this is exactly what I found after reading this book. In this post I try to extract the most important advice I found in the book so that I can always refer it in future.

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16 April 2021
The War of Art - Steven Pressfield

This is the most recommended book and I had already read half of it before. I decided to pick it up again and complete it. Creativity and Content creation is on the rise these days. With the availability of internet and use of smartphones, anyone can be a creator. However, what lacks is consistency. The willingness to commit and the dedication towards working is something that an amateur always lacks. I personally get excited about new ideas all the time and sometimes even start working through them, however, the excitement fades slowly and eventually the venture is dead. War of Art - this is a real eye opener and so I decided to finish it no matter what.

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27 March 2021
Clean Code - Robert C Martin

I was really looking forward to reading this technical yet amazing eye opener book. Clean code had be recommended several times on the internet and also by my friends. Most of the things explained in the book are eye opener and as rightly said by Robert C Martin, unless you actually practice writing Clean Code, you will never appreciate the benefits it brings to the Software developer's life.

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18 August 2020
Who moved my cheese - Dr Spencer Johnson

This was a book recommended to my by a colleague at work. I have had a love hate relationship with the books earlier. There was a time when I would read a lot of books, during my school days when I finished Famous five by Enid Blyton in a day. I would discover books in the huge public library that we had and then I would hide them deep in the shelves in another section so that I could later come and rent it. That was the kind of love I had for books. Later, when I discovered sitcoms, unknowingly I lost the habit of reading. I again got back to reading but it was intermittent. To restart this habit, I choose to read this tiny book "Who moved my Cheese - By Dr. Spencer Johnson". This book is about how to deal with change at your work and in your life.

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09 May 2019
Fluent Python - Luciano Ramalho (Part 1)

After think python, I wanted to get deeper into python and I found Fluent Python. This book is a gem. Very well explained concepts and the sample code are well written. I could practice all the code while reading the book.

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30 April 2019
Think Python - Allen Downey

I wanted to learn python and what good book to get started then Think Python. I have been on and off with python for a long time, but this time I wanted to dedicate time reading a book, instead of watching a YouTube video.

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11 April 2019
The Art of Money Getting - P. T. Burnum - 1880

P. T. Burnum has aptly put this book "The art of money getting" and provided us with precise golden nuggets for us to reconsider how we value money. After reading the book, I realised that, it does not talk about how to earn money, but about how to get money and keep growing it. The author is prudent about how business is the only source of getting the money.

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